Special Print Options

Have you ever wondered how people get those cool effects on their prints? Here are some quick print and design ideas to help you elevate your work.

Spot UV

Spot UV is a commonly-used effect on Book and Magazine covers. You can apply it to specific areas of your design to create a noticeably shiny, contrasting surface. Spot UV is different to lamination, which we use to cover the entire book surface to protect it instead of adding a visual effect.

We apply the UV coating over your artwork, which creates semi-translucent areas. Please refer to our Spot UV set-up guide to see how to add this to your print design.

Booklet with spot UV on the cover

Metallic Foil

We offer a fantastic range of metallic inks. But, sometimes, you need the real deal: a foil. A foil imitates metals like copper, silver or gold. So when light hits the foil, it has a shimmering effect, bringing a sense of luxury to your finished print job. If you would like to add a foil to your next print job, our foil set-up guide will show you how to do this.


Variant and Sketch Covers

Make your Comic Books and Graphic Novels even more desirable with a variant or sketch cover.

Variant covers feature exclusive artwork or specialty finishes - while sketch covers are custom front pages that we print on uncoated paper so artists can add custom art to the cover once printed. Check out our set-up guide to find how to incorporate these into your next print run.

Comic book with two distinct covers


Endpapers, also known as end sheets or end leaves, appear just inside a Hardcover Book's front and back cover. We make them using a slightly heavier paper stock than the internal pages, and they're a great way to make your book look elegant and professional. 

You can choose from a range of endpaper colours, or you can print patterned endpapers or custom artwork for a large print run. For patterned endpapers or custom artwork, contact us for a bespoke quote. In the meantime, you can read more about our endpapers here.


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