Production Timeline

Professional print production involves more than just clicking a button. From setting up the machines to the printing process itself - we have the best equipment to get you first-class prints quickly and efficiently.

Turnaround Time

The time it takes to print your project will vary depending on the item, the size of your print run and whether we use a digital or offset press.

Digital presses will print small runs with a short turnaround time, whereas litho presses are better suited to large runs and incur longer turnaround times. But you can rely on our Instant Price Calculator to work out the best options for you. 

Contact us if your order is urgent as we can even print large orders on a digital press at an extra cost.


Digital Production

The low digital production setup costs mean we can offer you exceptional prints at low prices using the latest, high-end digital technology, even if you print hundreds of units. 

Which Printing Press Does Mixam Use?

We typically use an HP Indigo 7600. This printer is fast and precise and can meet the tightest of deadlines.

What Kind of Printing Press Setup Is Needed?

We convert your file into the appropriate file type, known as a raster image file before we send your files to the printer. A raster file acts as a map for the printer, telling it where the ink should go to create the image on the paper.

What Is the Print Production Time?

For example, the typical print production time for a digital print run of 100 Booklets is approximately 4 working days. This timeframe includes drying time for the ink, laminating, folding, cutting, binding, packing and shipping. But the choice of lamination, binding, and ink saturation can also affect production times.


Offset Production

The offset production setup is more involved. We use the traditional approach to offset printing: inking and transferring images from a metal printing plate to a rubber blanket before it goes from the rubber to the paper. This method produces sharp, clean prints.

Our Instant Price Calculator will only offer you the offset print option once you reach a sufficient quantity of units.

Which Printing Press Does Mixam Use?

We're big fans of the Heidelberg Speedmaster. This impressive printer produces consistent, high-grade prints even for long runs.

What Kind of Printing Press Setup Is Needed?

We need to engrave your design on a metal plate and attach it to the printer before it can go to print. This more complicated process contributes to the longer setup time and higher costs associated with offset printing.

What Is the Print Production Time?

For example, the approximate print production time for an offset print run of 1,000 Booklets is around 6 working days. Due to the larger quantities involved, ink drying time takes considerably longer. Once the ink is dry, we move to lamination, cutting, folding, binding, packing, and shipping.

Once again, this time frame can vary depending on special features, laminated finishes, binding types and the ink saturation level.


Potential Delays

Our Instant Price Calculator provides estimated turnaround times and shipping dates, but reasons for delay vary. But we'll always inform you of any delays.

Reasons for delay include:

  • Printing equipment can temporarily break down or need maintenance.
  • Work may need printing again if it fails to meet our high standards.
  • Large orders / special requests may require additional production time.
  • At Christmas, due to high volumes of work, orders in production can experience delays from 1 to 2 weeks.

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