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The best price and quality

Simple. Versatile. Effective. Make an impact with a perfectly printed postcard.

You might be looking for the ideal invitation to a product launch. Or maybe you’re looking for a smart way to communicate with customers. Whatever your reason, postcards are still an effective direct marketing tool. Hook your audience with an engaging image, and they’ll almost certainly flip over to read your message. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Our postcards are printed with precision on a range of paper sizes, weights, and types. And with a number of finishes available, you’re certain to find a style that works for you.

Multiple Artworks

Our quotes are calculated per artwork design. To order multiple designs please follow the instructions on our Support Page.

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Mixam is rated Excellent on

4.6 out of 5, based on 1456 reviews.
1 day ago [ Flyers]
User friendly website. If there are errors the helpful guides are there so you can troubleshoot it yourself. Pretty fast shipping as well. The only thing I don't like is they only offer ups. I wish they did USPS as well.
1 month ago [ Flyers]
Been using Mixam for the past 3 years. Great products but the upload process is a pain. There should be an easier way to pick larger quantity without having to select the same items all over again. I make calendars and have the need to use 12 of the same type of material but with different image. I have to add 12 of the same item and it is so redundant and takes too much effort when there can be a quantity option. The print quality and color is always spot on and the price is always amazing. Will continue to use
2 months ago [ Flyers]
Quick delivery and my print looked very good! very happy overall
2 months ago [ Flyers]
Even though my art was photographed and I tried to get the highest dpi, the system still warned it could be blurry during printing. I figured I would try it out anyway. I was pleasantly surprised how well the prints came out. Also, the turn around was two days early to what was quoted so that was also a pleasant surprise. The shipping is a little pricy, but the ease of service makes up for it.
4 months ago [ Flyers]
Great product! I WAS IMPRESSED!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
4 months ago [ Flyers]
This is my first time ordering and everything came out perfect! I love every product that I order
5 months ago [ Flyers]
Shipping speed was great, quality is amazing! Slight scuffs on one of the copies but everything else was great. Thank you!
6 months ago [ Flyers]
This is the first printing company that has ever been so kind and considerate to me. I was a little weary due to requesting a specific art that means a lot to me, but they were not only more than happy to take my order, but they reached out and apologized to me as soon as possible when it was delayed, despite it being for only two days more. I will absolutely use their services again!
9 months ago [ Flyers]
Very easy to use website with an excellent selection of options. The turnaround was swift and I was kept updated throughout the process. I was super happy with the quality an I plan to use them again for art prints!
9 months ago [ Flyers]
The best printing service I've used on the internet. You get your exact quite immediately. You can do everything to get your job started right in very clear, well organized webpages that update as you go. Customer service via email if you need, and very, very helpful and friendly. Also, the best costs I've seen and great quality.
1 year ago [ Flyers]
I'm generally happy with their services. Biggest problem: customer support. It's like they don't listen at all. It can get aggravating.
1 year ago [ Flyers]
Quality of your books are definitely the best quality I have seen and service is good ! Keep it up I would love to partner with you in the future to promote your products.
1 year ago [ Flyers]
I am an Artist, i go by Mighty Pegasus Art and i recently had to change my print supplier because they were getting unreliable. I stumbled upon Mixam and i noticed that they had cater to Artist Raiko Art so i thought, leta give them a try. The website was very easy to use, i like that they provide you with a preview after you upload your image. It does accept big file with high quality to preserve your line work and color details. After placing my order, it took about a week to arrive as described which is a fast turn around. When i opened the package, i was very satisfied to find that they protect the prints very well, it had three different layers of hard cardboard to prothw prints plus they added bubble wraps. I have not seen this in the past with previous supplier. The prints came out very well done. The shipping is very fair and i recommended ordering more prints for a better deal per shipping. I will order again more from them for sure!
1 year ago [ Flyers]
I found this tool really great to order through and especially I valued the follow through letting me know how the delivery proceeded. The only negative thing was that I couldn't find a way to add new items to the same order, after I started to upload the files to be printed. Thank you!
1 year ago [ Flyers]
You're doing fantastic darling! Thank you for all the hard work! The prints I got made turned out amazing! I will be using them as a bonus for ordering from my shop! 🤗
Info for file setup

Postcard Print
File Setup

How to upload your files
You can upload your files in a way that suits you - as single pages or spreads, individual files for each page, or as a single combined file.
For best results we recommend to upload artwork files with a resolution of 300dpi or higher. Files and images with resolutions less than 100dpi may appear blurry or pixelated.
Please make sure to have a bleed of 0.125" and a safety margin of 0.25". Important content too close to the edge might get trimmed off.