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They say everyone has a novel in them. But not everyone manages to put pen to paper. If you’ve put in the hard work and long hours that come with writing a book, then you deserve to see it printed with a beautiful hardcover.

Whether your book is fact or fiction - or full of recipes or photos - we can offer you a wide range of cover styles, finishes, paper types, weights, trim sizes, and binding options.

Our hardcover books are robust, built to last, and ready to sit proudly on your reader’s shelf. The ideal choice to bring your story to life.

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Hardcover book sizes available

Size Width (inch) Height (inch)
Digest 5.5"x8.5" 5.5" 8.5"
US Trade 6" x 9" 6" 9"
Letter 8.5" x 11" 8.5" 11"
8.5" Square 8.5" 8.5"
7.25" x 9.5" 7.5" 9.5"
7" x 9" 7" 9"
Pocket Book 4.25" x 6.87" 4.25" 6.87"
Quarto 9.5" x 12" 9.5" 12"
Royal 6.14" x 9.21" 6.14" 9.21"
Executive 7" x 10" 7" 10"
Crown Quarto 7.44" x 9.68" 7.44" 9.68"

Binding options available

Paper weight
70lb. 80lb. 100lb.
Case binding 44 - 400 pages 32 - 400 pages 28 - 400 pages

Paper types available

  • Matte/Satin
  • Gloss
  • Uncoated

Mixam is rated Excellent on

4.7 out of 5, based on 435 reviews.
24 hours ago [Case Bound Books]
I have to say that Mixam exceeded my expectations. I had hardback, illustrated, children’s books printed by Mixam. The quality was amazing!
1 day ago [Case Bound Books]
The book we ordered was delivered on time and looked phenomenal! So thankful for Mixam and how they were able to make our commemorative book a reality!
3 days ago [Case Bound Books]
The team kept in contact regarding any possible issues with how the print may turn out. The final product is also AWESOME! Cant wait to go to them for my next project.
3 days ago [Case Bound Books]
Steven was great and the process allowed for us to deliver to the client, very timely.
6 days ago [Case Bound Books]
Even when I have difficulty with putting my book together they are very patient and helpful. thanks a lot guys OVS
1 week ago [Case Bound Books]
This company is terrific! They are not only great at communication they are excellent at printing. Most companies don't make an effort to make sure the printing is correct and not too dark or blurry but they go the extra mile and a half to please. I'm a picky artists and I loved the quality of the printing!
1 week ago [Case Bound Books]
Mixam is the BEST in the business!!! I am a pain when it comes to attentionto detail and quality, and Mixam was perfect! The people there, the quality, the turn around time, all amazing!
2 weeks ago [Case Bound Books]
Great user interface and costumer support!!
2 weeks ago [Case Bound Books]
Mixam is by far the greatest printing solution on the planet. The staff and support are exceptional, the pricing and turnaround time sensational, discovering Mixam was a dream come true!
4 weeks ago [Case Bound Books]
The good: * Our recipe book turned out exactly as expected--looks completely professional. This was a wedding party favor and all of our guests loved it. Room for improvement: * The online UI has issues detecting which is your back cover if you have an incorrect number of pages (should be a multiple of 4). Even if you upload a PDF per the filenaming guidelines (e.g. backcover.pdf), it will not place it on the back cover--and it won't tell you why. * Word and/or PDF templates would be super useful--I had to reformat my entire book because it was unclear how to do the bleeds/margins (for the binding, in particular). * My order was produced on time, but somehow didn't get shipped on time. I paid for the expedited option (extra $100) and for overnight shipping ($420), but my order arrived a day late. Mixam gave me a $50 refund, which I appreciate, but it doesn't make up for the $100 expedite fee or the difference between overnight and 2-day shipping. * Mixam's 24 hour customer support often sends you to voicemail when you call them and to email when you try to chat with them. When they do pick up they are very responsive and knowledgeable. Oddly, the non-customer chat portal gets faster responses than the customer chat portal. I'm generally pleased with the support, but it's a bit of a stretch to call it 24 hour support. I'm pleased with my experience and will order again, but I really wish that Mixam would take full responsibility for the delay and make it so that I paid for exactly what I got.
1 month ago [Case Bound Books]
I am so appreciative of my experience with Mixam. I found the site to be well laid out and user-friendly, and I was able to access helpful and knowledgeable support quickly when needed. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the book was printed and shipped, and I am thrilled with the result. Thank you.
1 month ago [Case Bound Books]
Excellent product & communication. Will use again!
1 month ago [Case Bound Books]
Customer service was promptly and effectively helpful. I think the available descriptions on the precise requirements for laying out a book cover could be much clearer. The books were printed promptly and look great.
1 month ago [Case Bound Books]
Ordered 200 hardcover art books recently and they came out AMAZING. Mixam worked with me on the design to make sure everything would turn out perfectly and they were super patient with me re-doing pages over and over haha. They also reached a super fast deadline and helped out with that a lot. Don't think i'll ever get a book printed by anyone else! They are amazing and the books are so high quality I can't wait to make more books :-)
1 month ago [Case Bound Books]
Fantastic, fast service and excellent quality!
Info for file setup

Hardcover Book Print File Setup

How to upload your files
You can upload your files in a way that suits you - as single pages or spreads, individual files for each page, or as a single combined file.
Important - your cover
When it comes to cover artwork setup, hardcover books are slightly different to our other products.
Most covers are made up of four pages - a front cover, an inside front cover, a back cover, and an inside back cover. The cover for a hardcover book is only two pages - a front cover and a back cover.
The inside front and back cover pages cannot be printed on. These are called Endpapers.
On the order, these places will be locked. This is important as it may throw the page sequence out, putting left and right facing pages in the wrong order.
There is a choice of Endpapers - either solid white or black.
The cover on hardback books overhangs the inner pages. To make the cover, we need a very large bleed area on the front, back and spine. We ask for 0.8" on all sides. Please do not include any important content within this area.
The spine will also need a 0.8" bleed at the top and bottom.
If you are uploading a cover spread, you do not need to supply a separate spine file. The spine depth is calculated and displayed in the shopping cart. However, we ask for an extra 0.25" to be added to the front and back covers, placed either side of the spine depth in your design.
The spine should be supplied as a separate file when uploading single pages. The spine depth is calculated and displayed in the shopping cart. If you do not upload a print file for your spine it will be left blank.
Quiet area
Within the cover page size we recommend a quiet area or safety margin of at least 0.25" around the edge.