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The best price and quality

Easily carried. Easily shared. Open an exhibition in the palm of your hand.

Introducing yourself and your work just got easier! Mixam’s art books will help you generate readership beyond the confines of galleries and museums. And while Mixam already offers high quality art prints, we know nothing quite beats the feeling of getting to grips with a beautifully printed book.

An art book is one of the most powerful forms of self-expression - and our friendly print specialists will suggest which paper, finishes and binding options will compliment your work the most. Whether you’re printing for the masses or just a select few, quantity is no issue here at Mixam, so you’ll be guaranteed a professional and expert approved print every time.

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Mixam is rated Excellent on

4.6 out of 5, based on 1456 reviews.
9 hours ago [ Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
Being able to make changes and multiple uploads on the website and the visual feedback from the site were great and the final prints gave me confidence that I can do this again and again with other projects.
11 hours ago [ Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
Excellent work , professional service and quality, will definitely re order more
19 hours ago [ Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
they gave feedback when my file for the book spine wasn't in good enough resolution, which was very helpful. and the quality of the printing is excellent!
1 day ago [ Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
Mixam has the best prices, fast service, and the product they created for me is very high quality. I will defiantly use again!
4 days ago [ Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
Good price and great product
6 days ago [ Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
My book got printed with ease by using their online service and they were available to speak and walk me through when I came across challenges.
6 days ago [ Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
Sure clear communication and great help setting the bleed lines. Print quality was great and I appreciated the help choosing the right kind of paper.
6 days ago [ Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
No one was even close on price. Quality was perfect and shipped pretty fast. Your wasting money if you use anyone else.
1 week ago [ Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
I got my first comic book printed by Mixam with 8.5 x 11 paper, a cover, and a saddle stitch. The prints came before expected and were nicely packaged. The colours and image quality are excellent, I was concerned before ordering due to some sizing issues I was having but they came out excellent. Super happy with the product! You can see the end result on my instagram @urpupilsrhuge
1 week ago [ Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
Products were great and the quality was great but I did have 2/25 books that were assembled incorrectly. Upon checking them I noticed that the inside pages were assembled and stapled upside down.
1 week ago [ Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
I needed an official booklet and looked at designing/ordering online from 3 different companies before going with Mixam. The ordering process was relatively easy, the price was on the lower end, and when we received the booklet it was exactly the quality I had hoped for. Allow for time for shipping, but mostly because you’re ordering a custom product to be printed and shipped to you.
1 week ago [ Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
Beautiful job! Lovely prints!
1 week ago [ Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
Professional, easy to work with, great price and fast delivery.
1 week ago [ Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
Great quality product at a fair price and excellent turn around time.
1 week ago [ Catalogs, Magazines & Booklets]
Great communication from the Mixam team, fast printing and shipping, high quality product for the right price.
Info for file setup

Artbook Print File Setup

How to upload your files
You can upload your files in a way that suits you - as single pages or spreads, individual files for each page, or as a single combined file.
Important - your cover
Your cover is made up of four pages - a front cover, an inside front cover, a back cover, and an inside back cover.
We ask for a 0.125" bleed on all art books. Please do not include any important content within this area.
The binding options available for art books are: saddle stitched or stapled, and perfect bound.
Please note:
These available binding options are entirely dependent upon the number of pages and paper weight selected for your order. This is because there comes a point where the combined paper thickness is too much to effectively staple or stitch together, and will instead need to be held together by adhesive (otherwise known as ‘perfect binding’).
The opposite is true if there are too few pages for perfect binding to work. Our dynamic ordering system is smart enough to know when a limit has been reached, and will automatically switch to the required binding option.
Spine (for Perfect Binding)
If you choose perfect binding you have the option to upload the spine as a separate print file. The spine depth is calculated and displayed in the shopping cart. If you do not upload a print file for your spine it will be left blank.
The spine will need a 0.125" bleed at the top and bottom.
Completing your order
Before you can complete your order, you must make sure all page placeholders have been completed. For example, if you are ordering 32 pages, all 32 boxes must be filled. If you do not have enough content, you must add blank pages.