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Whether you’re promoting your band, selling a service, or looking for your lost cat, a perfectly placed poster will stop people in their tracks.

Our posters are printed with a rich and vivid detail. Choose from a whole host of paper types, weights, and sizes, and we’ll bring your design to life.

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Poster sizes available

Size Width (inch) Height (inch)
11" x 17" 11 17
12" x 18" 12 18
13" x 19" 13 19
18" x 24" 18 24
19" x 27" 19 27
24" x 36" 24 36
26" x 39" 26 39

Paper types available

  • Satin
  • Gloss
  • Uncoated

Mixam Canada is rated as Excellent on

4.8 out of 5, based on 2135 reviews.
Sharon Larder
1 month ago [Posters]
Very good company. Superb prices and exceptional print quality
2 months ago [Posters]
Absolutely amazing quality and good prices. I have went other places in the past and have only been disappointed, Mixam always does it to the best standard. Customer service is really good too lovely people. Don't intend to go anywhere else for prints.
Yas Banks
2 months ago [Posters]
Customer service has been up there with the best I've ever experience from a printing service. Print turnaround time was literally a day. Super happy with the quality of prints too. Will be using again!
2 months ago [Posters]
We bought some samples which were great, then we made an order based on them and they weren't as good a quality. We messaged mixam and they sent out some replacements very quickly, and much better quality! Great customer service. Thanks!
Antonia Owens
3 months ago [Posters]
Great quality, care taken in delivery lovely products!
Peter-S, North Yorks
4 months ago [Posters]
The staff are helpful and go out of their way to ensure your order is printed to your requirements. The print quality is first rate; after over thirty orders ranging from leaflets and posters to a 400 page book I have never had to raise a query. Occasional the delivery has been a day late but that has been down to the courier service rather than the folks at Mixam. Recommended without any reservations.
5 months ago [Posters]
Great turnaround timewise and good quality posters at a reasonable price.
5 months ago [Posters]
Their customer service is excellent as is the quality of their products (I have ordered posters).
Daniel Clarke
6 months ago [Posters]
Easy to use website, good quality print, and delivered on the specified date. I'll be back for my next print run of posters.
7 months ago [Posters]
Unmatched!! Mixam have provided me with a tremendous service that keeps on getting better and better! To put it simply, Mixam puts print quality and customer service above everything, which for me is an invaluable quality to have in this kind of business. Besides that their prices and job turnaround times are the best that i've found any on the internet and otherwise. Thank you, from a customer for life!
Lucy Prior
8 months ago [Posters]
I was referred to here by a friend. I love the idea on having a test print option, to give you a try before you buy. The test prints I got back was amazing. The quality was what I wanted, I will definitely be using this company in the near future :)
Rev. C
8 months ago [Posters]
Great customer service, Nicky went above & beyond to help me with my order. This was my first order with Mixam & I am very happy with the service.
Adrian Jones
8 months ago [Posters]
We run a small music festival as a team of volunteers and our budget is very tight. we need good prices, decent product and a delivery schedule we can work with. We use Mixam initially for producing our festival programme, and recently for some poster work, as their prices are brilliant and helps me squeeze a little more out of our promotional budget. Mixam's great website let's me play with, for example, the combination of pages, paper weight and print run to get to a price that is often unbeatable (certainly beats local options). The ability to not only upload but also do a quick check on any bleed issues is great. The advice about resolution of photos is usually not something we can do anything about, but I imagine if we were also after the best quality output, would help. As it is, we're on a short deadline and can't be too fussy. We've used Mixam for the past three festivals and their delivery and the quality of the print is first class. Thoroughly recommended.
Phil B
9 months ago [Posters]
Arrived early, exactly what was ordered, great quality
9 months ago [Posters]
Intuitive UI and quote generator, on time, affordable and of course excellent print quality! Would definitely order again!
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How to supply your print files
You can supply your files in a way that suits you - as single pages or spreads, individual files for each page, or as a single combined file.
For sharper images, we advise uploading files at 300dpi. Images lower than 100dpi may appear pixelated.
We ask for a 1/8" bleed and a 2/8" quiet area on all posters. Please do not include any important content within this area.
Paper weighted at 100lb. and higher can be laminated. Anything lighter will curl.