End papers

When creating a hardcover book, the inside pages, called the book block, need to be attached to the cover itself. To do this, we use endsheets, also known as end papers or end leaves.

What are end papers?

End papers consist of uncoated paper stock that’s slightly heavier than the other interior pages and are used to glue the book block to the covers. The endsheets’ added thickness allows them to withstand this tough job.

When you submit files for a case bound or hardcover book to Mixam, we’ll automatically add end papers, which will be the first and last two pages inside either cover.

If you choose white or black end papers, these are included in the regular price at no extra cost.

For any other type of binding, you can choose to add end papers at an additional cost. To do so, simply add extra pages to your order when using our instant price calculator. In contrast to case bound books, these end papers will be made of the same type of paper as your other interior pages.

Example of basic (white) end papers

Color end papers

To compliment the design of your hardcover books, we also offer end papers in a wide range of colors for an additional cost.

Just like the default white or black end papers, these are also made of uncoated paper stock that’s slightly heavier than the other interior pages.

Example of blue (coloured) end papers

Printed end papers

Finally, on higher quantity orders you also have the option of custom printed end papers featuring a design of your choosing.

Instead of automatically adding these end papers to your order, we will require an additional print file from you with 3 sides for the front end sheets and 3 sides for the back end sheets.

As with other end papers for case bound books, we will use heavier, uncoated stock. So please bear this detail in mind when creating your design, as colors often appear darker and less saturated on uncoated paper.

Example of printed end papers
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