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For print, it's all about speed. And our Instant Price Calculator will quickly give you an accurate quote for all your print projects.


Instant Price Calculator

Our fast and sophisticated calculator adjusts prices and estimated delivery dates for free as soon as you amend your print specifications. It will even suggest alternative specifications and turnaround times, helping you save money every time.

Delivery costs vary depending on the number of prints you order and their destination (but these costs will appear as part of your final quote).

You can find different delivery options in your Shopping Cart. Our calculator selects the least expensive option by default, but you can choose faster options for an additional cost.


Mixam instant price calculator



Custom quote

For a custom quote, please email, and a print expert will advise you.

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Split shipping

If you need to send part of your print order to one or more locations - we can arrange split shipping. You can ship to as many addresses as you wish.

Please note our split shipping service is only available for substantial litho print orders - and is unavailable for digital print orders. The cost of split shipping can vary depending on the packaging and the order size. To arrange split shipping, please send us an email detailing where you would like your prints delivered.

You can learn more about our shipping and delivery procedures here.


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International shipping

We can help you find a logistical solution that suits your needs and budget. We can also help you arrange split shipping for international orders. Again, get in touch so we can help you make arrangements!

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Pricing fluctuations

Our prices may change at any time for reasons such as increasing labor costs, material costs, as well as shipping rates.

But once you've clicked Proceed and Upload files, your quote will be valid for 2 weeks unless you've selected Priority. Priority orders are valid only at the time of confirmation.

Please note timed estimates can change up to the point when they are confirmed.

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