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Going Green & Reducing Your Environmental Impact - Mixam

Earth Day is every day for us here at Mixam. Here’s what we’re doing to help your prints have a lower impact on the planet.

Going Green & Reducing Your Environmental Impact - Mixam

At Mixam, we not only make it easy to print online, but we also want to make it easy for you to choose sustainable print solutions. It’s never been more critical to protect our environment from the damaging effects of climate change. And that’s why we aim to consistently provide eco-friendly printing options with the smallest repercussions.

Even today, there’s still a misconception that paper and printing are bad for the environment. But print remains one of the most popular communication methods, and when produced, used and disposed of correctly, it can be sustainable. Let’s introduce you to what we’re doing to safeguard the environment.


We use plant-based inks.

Most vegetable-based inks are made from vegetable oil such as soy, corn or linseed and produce significantly fewer pollutants than petroleum-based inks. Petroleum-based inks contain finite crude oil and emit harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into the air during print production. The manufacturing process for petroleum-based inks contributes to CO2 emission production, driving climate change and damaging the environment, humans and other living organisms. 

Plant-based inks also promote the health of the natural world. For example, vegetables are essential to the nitrogen cycle, replenishing soil to help plants grow. They’re also biodegradable, renewable and non-toxic, providing vibrant, full-colour printing. And when it’s time to recycle prints, plant-based inks are easy to de-ink. No harmful chemicals are needed to remove ink from paper; fewer chemicals mean it takes less energy to process paper. 


Mixam can print with energy-efficient machinery.

Energy efficiency means reducing the energy needed to provide products and services without unnecessary waste. As of April 2023, 80% of our production facilities globally use energy-efficient equipment, such as solar energy and LED UV printing. 

Using energy-efficient machinery means we can streamline our production methods to provide prints in the most economical and green way possible. Optimising our energy consumption means we can also deliver a better service rather than rely on typical, less efficient printers to produce the same high-quality results.


We print your work on large sheets of paper to reduce paper waste.

Our state-of-the-art printers produce multiple copies of your design on large sheets of paper, ensuring we only use the amount of paper necessary to fulfil an order. The sheets are then trimmed in large stacks to maximise the space per sheet to ensure minimal energy consumption and waste. Besides, all paper scraps and trimmings are recycled, meaning they re-enter the production process. The less paper needed means less energy, water, pollution and deforestation.


We’ll pack your prints with eco-friendly methods and materials.

Many of our production centres use recycled materials for packaging to reduce their carbon footprint. A carbon footprint represents how much carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere due to human activity. Cardboard packaging is easily recyclable, biodegradable and reusable, resulting in a lower impact on landfills. 

Plus, the volume of raw materials used in the packaging can lower shipping costs as less packaging material is needed. But fewer materials doesn’t mean weaker packaging; we have a versatile range of packaging options for all kinds of print items, big and small, and they’re easy for us to store to make the most of the floor space available at our print facilities.


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